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Ceramic Boiler Bed Material

Other names: Crushed ceramic sand, ceramic sand, Ceramic Boiler bed material
Colour and appearance: light reddish brown


  1. Ceramic boiler bed sand is used in FBC and CFBC boiler
  2. Ceramic boiler bed sand is used in furnaces
  3. Ceramic boiler bed sand is used in boilers incinerators
  4. Ceramic boiler bed sand is used in Kiln
  5. Other high temperature applications

About Ceramic Boiler Bed Sand:

Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC) boiler and Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) boiler both requires boiler bed material to circulate heat in the operating system. The temperature varies from 500°C to 1400°C for which different types of boiler bed media or boiler bed sand is required. Ceramic boiler bed material is suitable for CFBC & FBC boilers with operating temperatures less than 1100°C. Ceramic boiler bed sand is used to capture heat from coal and transfer heat to other particles of boiler bed sand and so on. The flow of heat creates uniformity of temperature across the boiler system by mean of circular motion of bed media.Improper usage of particle size of boiler bed material can cause clinkers formation. Alumina Al2O3 in boiler bed sand plays a vital role in transfer of heat to other bed particles to maintain the uniformity of temperature. Higher the alumina in boiler bed sand mean high heat transfer without fusion in high temperature operating boilers. Lower the alumina means low heat transfer without fusion in low temperature operating boiler.

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