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Quartz Sand

Alternate Names: Coarse Silex, Filter Media, Filter Gravel Media, Colour and appearance: super white


  1. Quartz sand is used as screeding & coving material in epoxy flooring.
  2. Quartz sand is used as filter media in water treatment plants.
  3. Quartz sand is used in FRP Gutter Tops.
  4. Quartz sand is used in GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)
  5. Quartz sand is used in repairs and maintenance of civil structures.
  6. Quartz sand is used as a filler material in pesticides.
  7. Pure white milky Quartz Sand is used for manufacturing of Engineered Stone/ Artificial marble.
  8. High purity quartz is also used in making of ultra-clear glass.

Sizes Available: All Custom sizes available
About Quartz Sand:
Quartz is one of the most abundant mineral on earth. The earth’s crust contains about 20% of quartz. Quartz is a very stable mineral due to it’s high silica content. SiO2 band is a very strong and stable bond due to which the chemical structure and hence the physical structure of quartz is very strong. Due to it’s large availability and such properties quartz finds its uses in innumerable and widespread industries. Due to its hardness (it is harder than most natural minerals), and resistance to corrosion, quartz sand is considered a wonderful abrasive. Also, it is used for sandblasting, glass grinding media, scouring cleansers (powder), and sanding and sawing grit. Having a high hardness and being stable and resistant to corrosion, quartz sand is also used as an abrasive in sand blasting and glass grinding. Quartz sand due to it’s hardness is also used in the sandbox of trains for traction control. Quartz sand and Quartz Powder used as filler in the manufacture of adhesive industry, making of putty, paint, and rubber. Powder provides properties such as durability, chemical inertness, strength, and wear-resistance. Ultra high whiteness quartz sand is used for manufacturing of Engineered Quartz Slab. Quartz sand of various sizes are mixed together with different chemicals and resins to make a very high strength customized looking Engineering stone which are used to make counter tops which are being very popular as a replacement of marble and granite.

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