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Copper Slag

Other names: Colour Sand, Colour Quartz, Colour Coated Quartz.
Sizes Available in Mesh: : Abrasive Copper Slag, Blasting Sand, Sand Blasting Copper Slag

Sizes Available:0-1mm, 0.2-1.0mm, 0.5-2.5mm, 0.5-3.0mm, 0-4mm (non-graded)

Uses: Copper slag are vastly used as a sand blasting media due to it’s high hardness. Copper slag’s angular nature helps in sand blasting metals for removing of rust, paints, mill scale. It is used for surface preparation of metals before getting it coated with anti-corrosive and weather resistant paints. Theory: Copper slag is a byproduct of copper smelting plants where copper metal is extracted from copper ore. Copper slag is produces by such factories in millions of tonnes per year which in turn is cleaned, dried and processed properly to make use out of the waste material as an abrasive blasting media. Copper slag therefore is comparatively quite economical as compared to other abrasive blasting medias.

We Vstake Solution Pvt. Ltd are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Provider, Wholesaler, Trader, Dealer, Exporters of Copper Slag. Copper slag is a byproduct obtained during the smelting and refining of copper ore. It is a granulated material with a gritty texture, typically ranging in color from dark gray to black. Copper slag is often used in various industrial and construction applications due to its unique properties. Here are some key details about copper slag:

  1. Composition: Copper slag primarily consists of iron silicate, which is a mixture of iron, silica, and other minor impurities. The exact composition can vary depending on the source and the smelting process used.
  2. Production:Copper slag is generated during the copper smelting and refining process. When copper ore is heated to extract copper metal, impurities such as iron, silica, and other non-metallic substances are separated from the molten copper. These impurities solidify as copper slag when they cool.
  3. Applications:
    • Abrasive Blasting: Copper slag is commonly used as an abrasive material for sandblasting and cleaning surfaces, such as metal, concrete, and stone. It is an effective method for preparing surfaces for painting or coating.
    • Construction: It is used as an aggregate in the construction industry for purposes such as road base, concrete mixtures, and asphalt mixtures.
    • Ballast: Due to its density, copper slag is used as ballast in various applications, including the construction of ships, pipelines, and counterweights.
    • Water Filtration: In some water treatment processes, copper slag is used as a filter medium to remove impurities and contaminants from water.
    • Landscaping: It can be used in landscaping as a decorative mulch or ground cover.

We Vstake Solution Pvt. Ltd are deeply engaged in offering a wide array of Copper Slag to our valuable Clients located in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane and all over India.

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